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Forsta Varme’s mission is to lead a paradigm shift in thermal management material uses and design by leveraging our unique understanding of heat transfer.
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Forsta Varme – “understanding heat” –

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At Forsta Varme, we higly value a culture of collaboration and service.

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Dr. Alex Jesmer
Dr. Alex Jesmer

Alex serves as the CEO of Forsta Varme Technologies Inc., marking a distinguished career in the realm of deep tech and natural sciences. His journey began with the founding of an innovative optical sensor technology company, a venture rooted in his extensive research in polymer materials during his PhD. This endeavour showcased not only his entrepreneurial spirit but also his profound expertise in business and science. Alex’s academic path includes a BSc from the University of Ottawa, culminating in a PhD from McMaster University, further solidifying his credentials in his field. His role at Forsta Varme is a testament to his dedication and passion for pioneering technologies. He brings a wealth of experience in business and natural sciences, driven by a passion for deep tech innovation.

Renzo Flores
Renzo Flores

Renzo Flores is a physicist at Forsta Varme Technologies Inc., specializing in thermophysical measurements and analysis with four years of experience. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Physics Honours from the University of New Brunswick, Renzo leverages scientific principles to drive innovative solutions in thermal management and thermophysical analysis. At Forsta Varme, he plays a crucial role in research and development, utilizing his expertise in experimental techniques and data analysis to create novel ways of measuring thermophysical properties of complex materials. Renzo’s dedication to continuous learning ensures he remains at the forefront of scientific innovation, poised to make lasting contributions to the field of thermal management and thermophysics.

Our team is growing rapidly. If you share our vision and think you can add value to our team, please reach out to us!

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